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Note: All volunteer positions are filled for the 2017 season and we have a large waiting list 


Bird Stewarding

We have Black Skimmers, Least terns and Snowy Plovers who nest on AMI Spring through early summer . We stake these nests off to protect them and we have a volunteer Steward program . Stewards sit by the roped off area with binos and a spotting scope and educate the public as to what is going on .

Nesting is over for 2016 , check back spring 2017




You can help support the Anna Maria Turtle Watch program by adopting a nest. For a $100.00 dollar tax deductible donation a plaque will be placed on a nest of your choice.

For your donation you will receive:

  • Pictures of your nest
  • The plaque from the beach
  • A copy of the Data Sheet
  • Letters of appreciation
  • Satisfaction of helping a species in peril

Adopt a Nest today!


Come to Our Turtle Talk Tuesday

Come join us for l look into the life cycle of the Loggerhead sea turtle! Lots of fun for all ages! Interesting information, handouts, activity books and tattoos for the young and young at heart!

  • Price:  Free
  • 10 AM Rain or shine every Tuesday Morning during June and July at CrossPoint Fellowship Church 8605 Gulf Drive Holmes BeachCome gather with the volunteers of the Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch as we walk you through a day in the our life as we survey for nesting turtles on the beaches along the shores of Anna Maria.
    turtle talks

    Purchase a Sea Turtle License Plate

    The Sea Turtle License Plate became available for purchase in February of 1998. Proceeds from the plate are deposited in the Marine Resources Conservation Trust Fund and used to support the state’s sea turtle recovery program. The license plate provides $500,000 in funding annually to the state’s Marine Turtle Protection Program. The plate was also developed to provide a small grants program to help fund non-profit groups, educational facilities and local governments working to protect sea turtles in Florida. The plate is available at your local tax collector’s office for an annual fee of $23.00. Learn More…

    Dim the Lights

    Lights that shine onto a nesting beach can draw turtle hatchlings away from the ocean and off the beach, where they have a slim chance of survival. Beach Lights can also scare away females crawling ashore to nests.

    Anna Maria Island Lighting laws

    Each municipality on Anna Maria Island has their own Sea turtle laws. They consist of:

    • Dust to dawn shielded or LED sea turtle friendly bulbs
    • No point sources of light should be visual from nesting beach.

    Each city hall can provide you with a copy of their ordinance.

    It’s also important to remember that yellow bug lights are not acceptable anymore. They have been replaced by Amber LED and always with a shield and lowest wattage you’re comfortable with to lamp the fixture. Another hint is to keep this fixture as low to the ground as possible so you’re not lighting the sides of buildings for shooting light to the sky.

    Remember to keep it low, keep it long (in wave length) and keep it shielded.
    Downloads for further information “
    Guide to Sea Turtle Freindly lighting in Florida “Darker Beaches Brighter Futures”

    “Sea Turtles and Lighting “