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If you see a turtle on the beach is is likely to be either Gopher Tortoises or Box turtles both of which are native to AMI and can be found in the dunes or walking on the beach , they are land turtles and don’t need to be put in the water , in fact they may drown . the easy way to tell is to look for legs vs flippers . Sea turtles have flippers , land turtles have legs .Sea turtles only come up on the beach to Nest or if they are injured they will be in the surfline .

For Hatchling’s that you may find call us at the number below betweeen 6 am and 7 pm outside of those times contact FWC at the Number below 



You don’t need to call and inform us of turtles nesting or nests hatching .From May 1st to Oct 31 each year, 100% of the shoreline of Anna Maria Island is monitored at dawn by trained , permitted staff. Walkers report the crawls from females from the night before and they are flagged as the walkers pass at dawn. Walkers also report locations of hatchling emergence every morning

We are not a Law Enforcement Agency , We do not go out on the beach at night . If you see something happening that you feel needs to be corrected call 911 or the local Police department and ask for a Officer to be dispatched. If you witness wildlife violation you can call 911 or contact FWC  Wildlife alert number 888 404 FWCC (3922) Cell phone users #FWC or *FWC .

For sick or injured Sea Turles call FWC  you may Call our office 941 778 5638 during the hours 6AM to 7 PM .  Please call FWC outside of those hours .  

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