Nest Locations

The name listed below is the person that adopted the nest, NOT the name that appears on the plaque. The name on the plaque is the name that is on the certificate you received when you adopted.


When your Adoption Plaque is placed on the beach we will enter the location here. No location entered means the plaque hasn’t gone out yet. Plaques go on the beach once a week so check this page mid week for updates

There is a search box to the right. You can enter the name of the person who adopted the nest in that space.

The reason they aren’t placed exactly in the order received is because of  specific city requests vs nesting activity. This year we have had heavy nesting in Holmes Beach so those requests will go out before requests for Anna Maria and Bradenton, which haven’t had as much nesting.

Give it a couple of weeks after you adopt for your name to appear here . The data is not automatically entered , our small staff has to manually input the data as we process your order .


Name of person who adopted the nest not the name appearing on the plaqueApproximate Location on Beach
limelight CottagesNorth of Cypress
limelight Cottages101 Elm AM
limelight CottagesNorth of Coconut
limelight CottagesSouth of Cypress
limelight CottagesSouth of Cypress
limelight CottagesNorth of Cypress
limelight CottagesSycamore
limelight Cottages717 North Shore Dr
limelight Cottages717 North Shore Dr
limelight Cottages2 at Seagrape Lane & one more up at Bean pt
Jill BergN of 77th HB
Virgina LeeN of Maple AM
Kimberly J HadleyS. of 53rd HB
Robert Schaefer7000 Gulf Dr Hb
Helena Hannukainen11 St S BB
Brian ZdanowskiN of 47th st HB
Mary LampWhite Ave AM
Jayne Bayer6006 Gulf Dr HB
Karen Stoltzfus6306 GulF Dr HB
Jennifer Elizarde101 Willow AM
Nick Lombard7000 Gulf DR HB
Kaitlyn KelloggS of 53rd st HB
Jewel FamilyN of 49th st HB
Blake Trimpe10th St . S . BB south of pier
Elaine SchaeferS of 49th st HB
Patty Van Bruntbtwn 30 & 31 st HB
Kelli DawsonN of Beach AM
Kelli DawsonS of Palmetto AM
Kelli DawsonN of Spring AM
Koreen Kozusko North of Cortez Rd
Carrie LittleS of 27th st HB
Pamela GrayN of Moose Gulf View Condos
Laurie WallaceN of 31st HB
Brian Bickett73rd St HB
Shari Laswellbtwn  74th & 73rd HB
Erin Schatteman5610 Gulf Dr HB
Rossane Yonkoski5400 Gulf Dr Hb
Kelly Earls5400 Gulf Dr HB
Beverly LynneN of 72nd St HB
Ashley53rd St
William BrennanS of 73rd st HB
Kathy NoonanWillow  AM
Kathy NoonanS of LGS #1 BB
Rick ScherrerS of 73rd St BB
Stefanie JablonskiS of 72nd st HB
Cheryl ConteS of Willow AM
 Hawkins-GaarN of Oak Ave AM
Jodi Schaeferbtwn 11th & 12 st S BB
Stephen Aratos of 33rd Ave HB
Joe RichmondSection 2....somewhere hee hee
Mike LeeS of 49th st HB
Lauran WilsonS of 76th st
Michael RiellyN of 53rd st HB
Dawn FenstermacherCoquina Bch Lifeguard Tower #1
 JonesMaple Ave AM
Renee DeWolfS of 53rd HB
Michelle Genneken46th st
Nora GriffithN of Life Guard Station #1 BB
Dawn MintonS of Willow AM
Jim MartinN of 35th st H B
Toni PottsN of 50th St HB
Robert BrinkerS of 49th St HB
Kelley SwineyS of 46th St HB
Britley PlatfootS of 73rd St HB
Courtney Noble33rd St HB
Colleen Leisch8th St South BB
Mary West8th St South BB
Lisa Boyntonbwtn 49th & 59th St HB
Cyndi RadfordN of 9th st S BB
Kristie MacMeeken5606 Gulf Dr. HB
Lynda HoffmanN of 73rd HB
Lyn SummersN of 79th st HB
Christine WrightS of 48th st HB
Tim KleinowN of Beach Ave AM
Carol GreerSouth of 27th St BB
William HullN of 47th st HB
Nancy AmbrosePosted Bird Area
Nancy AmbrosePosted Bird Area
Lyn SummersS of Maple Ave AM
Mick BerriosMaple St AM
 Hawkins-GaarN. of 49th st HB
 Hawkins-GaarGreen Turtle Gift Shop BB
Lisa BoyntonS of Manatee Public Bch HB
Tracy Gongas103 50th ST HB
James HoovenS of White AVe AM
Donald BaptistN of 28th St HB
Margaret TsaiSection 3 HB
Colleen PottsPalm Ave AM
Virgina Haight717 North Shore Dr.
Gena VinsandSouth of Spring Ave AM
Diana McClureMagnolia Ave AM
Kj StrangeMagnolia Ave AM
Linda SmallNorth of Gulf View Condos BB
Rick Evans45th St HB
Mike and Sue ScottS. of 52nd St
Kimberly PinkstonS of 30th St HB
Sabrina BoyerS of Oak AM
Denise Miller701 Gulf dr S. BB
William & Ann Grice IIINorth of 71st HB.
Patti CuevasTiffany Pls HB
Clare ZelenskiS of 73rd St HB
Judy FrittsBean Pt
jacob smithManatee Public Bch HB
Sandra PlanteN of 26th st HB
Christine Eltz Pine Ave AM
Gina WoodruffSouth of 67th st
Kristin S OlsenSouth of 22nd St BB
Maureen Daugherty1202 Gulf Dr. BB
Robin & John BodnarS of 28th st HB
fran sternBean Point AM
Peggy MullettBean Point AM
Helen PascoeS of 50th st
Antony Pritchett81 st HB
Ellen Devine36th st HB
Susan LaTorreS of 53rd St HB
Lara Walker7100 Gulf Dr HB
Destiney Tew33rd st Bch Access HB
Jackie MossottiS of 67th st HB
Jackie Mossotti51 st HB
Janice AugustineBean Point
Tina GuinedSouth of 27th st
Piroska PlanckS of 67th st
Deborah TaylorNorth of 68th st HB
Kanchan MattooWest Winds Condos in Dune
Stacy McNealy S of 81st St HB
Bill BooherBean Pt
Mike LavensS of Silver Surf Resort
Mike DaltonN of 77th st
Sheila GilstrapLinda Lane AM
Stacy BardenSouth end of Manatee Public Beach
James Olsen South of 68th st HB
Jay JasinskiN of Seagrape Lane
Maureen Miska1800 Gulf Dr BB
Lisa McKeownN of 47th st HB
Wayne Odomnorth of 27th st. BB
Cassidy SimmonsS. of 77th st HB
Holly IrvinAlice- N of 56th st HB
Holly IrvinGulf Shores Condos HB
Christy Campbell56th st. Hb
Gwen Woodson28th st. HB
CJ HahnLifeguard Tower #1
Jay WilliamsSouth of 30th st HB
Maryellen PattersonSouth of Harrington House Resort HB
Valleri Hoefer5808 Gulf Drive - Waters Edge - south end
Elena MarinoN. of 5400 Gulf Dr HB
Jenna WanamakerSouth of 67th st HB
Ryan.Brendan.Cormac SteinbockS of Palmetto Ave AM
Cindi Rohn AltN of 5400 Gulf Dr HB
Cindi Rohn Alt N of 5400 Gulf Dr HB
Cindi Rohn AltN of 5400 Gulf Dr HB
Cindi Rohn AltN of 5400 Gulf Dr HB
Cindi Rohn AltN of 5400 Gulf Dr HB
Janice & Zoller GrandkidsS of 77th st HB
Kirsty MooreS of 49th st HB
Kristin O'Connor5806 Gulf Dr HB
Michelle SchurkeN of 36th st HB
Jennifer CittiManatee Public Beach HB
Katheryn AbernathyBean Pt,
Tom and Jamie BondCortez Rd BB
Diane Koory2600 Gulf Dr HB
Gail Connelly67 St. HB
Mary Frost  1 of 2Peppertree Lane AM
SMC Tiffany Place
Julie Herndon1800 Gulf Dr Bb
Lauren ReynoldsS of 22nd st BB
Deborah Gosser North of 22nd st BB
Kellen & Ally McGinnisS. of Spring Ave AM
Melissa GrubichSandbar Restaurant
Paula KennedyN of 73rd st HB
Taylor OstermannN. of Oak Ave
Kelsey Barthold787 North Shore Dr
Birgit DavisManatee Public Beach HB
Susan Holmes6804 Gulf Dr Hb
Holmes 2 of 2S of 30th st HB
Joe EcksteinS of 33rd ST
Bruce ArchibaldSeagrape Lane AM
Janet LanningS of 65th st HB
Mary Frost 2 of 2Peppertree Lane AM
Joanne and Richard BrownS of 72nd st HB
Gracie Bug North of 70th st HB
Lara Steinheiser38th St HB
Lara SteinheiserNorth of 36th st Hb
Denise CooperNorth of Manatee County Beach
Jodi BergNorth of Mangrove Ave AM
Amanda BuschukPalmetto Ave
Martin MaguireN. of Willow Ave
Kathy DoddridgeSection 7
Mary Breaux1800 Gulf Dr BB
Pauline GinsbergS of 22nd ST. BB
amanda Buschuk26th st BB
Buddy OdomCircle K area BB
Buddy OdomS of 27th st BB
Philip metcalfN. of 30th st HB
Rick Evans (two nests)7100 Gulf Dr HB
Malvice JeffersonS. of Bungalow Beach Resort BB
Deb MuniniNorth of Spruce Ave. AM
Robert & Mary Soll er5400 Gulf Dr HB
T.J. BoveNorth of Oak
Amory Starkey
Bayside Behind Rod & Reel Motel
Jodi Esteban
52nd st HB
Heike Schille-Balzer
77th st HB
Susan Holmes (Carson Holmes)
Tiffany PL Condos HB
Susan Holmes (Carson Holmes)
69th st HB
Beverly Lesnick
S. of 69th st HB
CuevasS of 70th
Mark & Ronette Peppertree Lane AM
ChrisannNorth of 70th st
Kathy D for Tom Section 7 Seaside
Kathy d for Hannah Blue house next to Club BB
Nancy Cook 68th st HB
Baer for Kent, Amy & Lindsey Stoll
5600 Gulf Dr HH
Sabine & Yogi Forest
Bob & Deb Haines
Debbie Holman66th Street
Will Cross VanzandtSouth of 24th Street
Mary Hunton KleinertWestWinds Condo
James & Delrita WellsHarrington House HB
Trudy Yeats HusseyMannatee Pub Beach
Beth Clayton5400 Gulf Dr HB
Joyce CarnesSouth of 77th St.
Elizabeth YorkS of Silver Surf Resort
Christine WrightSouth of 52nd Street
Heather Hoffert Happy Place33rd St. Beach Access
Heather Hoffert Poppy29th St. Beach Access
Mike Lusk67th St HB
Whimpy-Rowe79th St HB
Tracy McMahon34th St
Brenda TwissN of 28th St HB
Maria Salzinger34th St
Wendy KremersMannattee Public Beach
Tracey CalerN of 46th St HB
Jane Jolkovski5610 Gulf Dr HB
Connie HopkinsGulfView Condos
Deb RoweN of 73rd St HB
Stephen BilletS of 31st St HB
Brenda Twiss
Joe & Rebekah Matthews
Kelli Mehmert
Anne HonnSection 7