Sea Turtle Nesting Tours & Excavation Tours

Morning beach tours start promptly at 7 AM  one or two days a week depending on conditions and availability of staff *June through July. Nesting Tours meet at the Manatee County Beach, located at the end of Manatee Avenue just to the left/south of the Cafe on the Beach Restaurant. There is a large group of picnic tables where you will see AMITW Staff in turtle watch uniform.

Excavation tours are conducted in July & August , three days after every hatch.  Call Claudia at 248-982-5600 for reservations and information.

Children of all ages are welcome. Please bring along sunscreen, water & have you own transportation. Tours take about 1 hour and are free of charge, but donations are appreciated.

Sorry but our Morning Beach Tours are booked for the 2014 season.

*Nesting and Excavation Tours book quickly and parking is limited therefore reservations are required. Please call your tour leader, Claudia Wiseman at 248.982.5600 to make a reservation.

We are dealing with nature and can’t predict the behavior of the turtles. There is always a chance that there may not be a nest the morning of the tour, if that is the case we will still explain the life cycle of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle and provide handouts and displays. The 2013 season was very productive and all tours, saw nests.

Morning Nesting Beach Tours – June & July

Sorry but our Morning Beach Tours are booked for the 2014 season.

Most mornings we will be taking you to where females have nested just a few hours before. Federally Permitted Staff Members will analyze tracks the adult female has left & determine if its a false crawl or if it resulted in a nest. We may show you an egg and we may decide to relocate that nest (approximately 100 eggs). We no longer are able to post hatching data on stakes so you can tell the approximate hatch time of any nest on this island. We were forced to adopt this policy due to some inappropriate behaviors around hatching nests. We feel it is in the best interest of sea turtle conservancy to operate under theses guidelines. We are sorry to the majority of people who did “the right thing” while enjoying  this miracle of nature! We also are confident that you are the same individuals who support us in our decision. Enjoy the tours and our Island!

Nest Excavations After Hatching – July & August

AMITW Staff conducts evaluations of nesting content three days after a nest has hatched.  You will observe staff analyzing hatched shells, unhatched shells, live dead or maybe 1/2 in & out of shells (PIPPED turtles). You will hear staff discuss everything about the nests. You will be our Citizen Scientists!!!!