Adopt a Sea Turtle Nest on AMI








Adopt a Sea Turtle nest now for the 2018 season.

Show your support for the Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch by adopting a sea turtle nest on that has been laid on the beaches of Anna Maria Island.

As a premium for your $100 tax-deductible donation a plaque of your choice will be placed on your nest. 

Free shipping any where in the world !

When your nest hatches and the data is collected your adoption package will be mailed out within 30 days. Your  or your recipient will receive:

  • The plaque from your nest
  • Data taken in the field by Volunteer Staff  written on the back of the plaque when excavated
  • A letter of appreciation from the volunteers working your nesting beaches
  • Satisfaction of helping to save sea turtles on Anna Maria Island
  • A personalized email adoption Certificate ( emailed within 24 hours of filling out the  adoption form)
  • You will be added to our newsletter mailing list

All donations collected from our Adopt a Nest Program go to our many School Educational Programs, our Public Awareness Campaign and the production of our many handouts given to visitors & residents of Anna Maria Island.  

Nesting season is May 1 through Oct 31.  Personalized Plaques will go on the adopted nests starting in mid-June. The handmade wooden plaques, assembled by your volunteers, are placed in the order received and as nest are laid. Most plaques will go on the beach late June thru July. The plaques will remain on your nest for approximately 45 to 70 day gestation period. 

A printable adoption certificate will be sent by email out upon receipt of your order  .( The certificates are not Auto generated they are done by staff so they don’t go out instantly they go out once a day) . You may print and  give the certificate as a gift anytime. We email the certificate to the person adopting the nest at the email provided. You may then print it or forward it to the recipient of your choice. 

You may use your adoption to promote a business or organization. It is great exposure to those walking the beach and a cool thing to display in the office afterward.


11412101_856878614396856_1839672094663593899_oadoption plaque

Storm Protocol:

AMI is subject to tropical weather patterns. Hurricane season (June 1 – Nov 31) coincides with Sea turtle nesting season.History has shown us that we can expect one or more tropical weather events while the Adopt Nest plaques are on the beach.

Our first concern, of course, is the safety of our Volunteer Staff. Remember that turtles have successfully nested in the tropics for thousands of years. Nests may take on water and still hatch, marking stakes may wash away but the nests may remain viable. We do not relocate sea turtles nests to avoid natural weather events.

In the event of incoming hazardous weather that may disrupt adopted nests on the beach, here is the protocol:

Your adopted nest signs will be removed from the beaches and will be stored safely in our offices. If your nest is still marked on the beach when the storm passes, we will continue to monitor the nest and you will receive all its information with your plaque and packet of goodies after the nest hatches. If the stakes marking your nest washes out, we will send your plaque and adoption package along with what info we have on it.
Remember your adoption is symbolic and the funds go to help us in our nesting beach data collection work.