Adopt a Turtle Nest for 2017

14289873_1114660511951997_4210287268585081220_oadoption plaqueimageAdopt-A-Nest

Adopt a Sea Turtle nest today for the 2017 season

. Adoption plaques will be placed on the beach starting in June 2017 .they are placed FIFO so they are placed starting in June and continuing as the girls nest . Adoption packages will be mailed out starting in August ’17.

Adoption certificates will be emailed out upon receipt of payment(typically within 48 hours of your adopting the nest ) so you can give the certificate as a gift anytime .we Email the certificate to the person adopting the Nest at the email provided you may then Print it or forward it to the recipient

You can  use your adoption to promote a business or organization , great exposure for those walking the beach and a cool thing to display in the office afterwords.

Show your support for Anna Maria Island Turtle Watch, adopt a nest today. For your tax deductible donation a plaque of your choice will be placed on a nest.
Nesting season is May 1 through Oct 31.  Personalized Plaques will go on the adopted nest starting in June. The Plaques are placed in the order received and as nest are laid . Most plaques will go on the beach Late june thru July . The plaque will be on the nest for the 45 to 70 day gestation period. When the nest hatch’s and the data is collected your adoption package will be mailed out within two weeks or so.

If you would like to send us a picture or graphics for your plaque you can email it to us at :

All funds collected for our adopt a nest program go towards our mission of assuring a suitable habitat for people, sea turtles & shorebirds, the ecosystem of the AMI and it’s surrounding waters and to our education program.

For your $100.00 dollar tax deductible donation, you or your recipient will receive:

  • The plaque from the beach
  • Data from your nest
  • Letters of appreciation
  • Satisfaction of helping a species in peril
  • a adoption Certificate will be emailed to you