Lighting Guides

Dim the Lights

When sea turtle hatchlings emerge, they are instinctively drawn in the brightest direction. In a natural setting, the brightest direction is the reflection of the night sky on the ocean. Artificial Lighting by the beach can disorient the hatchlings drawing away from the water. While each municipality on Anna Maria Island has their own Sea turtle laws. They consist of:

  • Dust to dawn shielded or LED sea turtle friendly bulbs
  • No point sources of light should be visual from nesting beach.

Remember to keep it low, keep it long (in wave length) and keep it shielded.

Guide to Sea Turtle Freindly lighting in Florida “Darker Beaches Brighter Futures”

Sea Turtles and Lighting

Learn More About Turtles

The Florida Sea Turtle Life History Posters Project was funded by a grant from the Sea Turtle License Plate Program. There are several facilities where you can find the posters.

Download and print your own smaller version. Click the image to download the poster.

Green Sea Tutle PosterHawksbill PosterKemps Ridley PosterLeather Back PosterLoggerhead Poster